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There are many other reasons of using air fright beside this speed factor. The arrival and departure timing of the flights are also very reliable. They strictly follow their schedule. It’s very rare when these airlines are not on their scheduled time. Even if you miss your flight you won’t face much delay as these flights are departing every hour. Another advantage of Air Frights over others is they have unlimited destination points. You can send your cargo almost everywhere. There is also a large amount of money saving because insurance premium is lower and the transportation time for air cargo is comparatively short. Air freights also insure high security to their customers because of the highly managed cargo services and strict airport safety controls. An additional advantage of this mode of shipping is there is no extra need of packaging on your shipping material as it is essential in case of ocean shipments. Mostly there is an online service that is now provided by many companies so users can easily can easily monitor the status of their shipment from departure to the arrival.

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